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This life changing experience will be so amazing and Coach Kristal is so excited to share with you these next 3 months. Throughout this program starting September 8th we will be meeting weekly to discuss life, overcoming trauma, growing into who God has called you to be, and so much more.

We will be providing a syllabus that you will receive once the group has begun and as time draws nearer expect to receive further materials and instructions as we set to begin a fun and life changing journey! 

Have you been abused physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, or spiritually? Do you keep making bad choices in dating relationships? Are you struggling with co-dependency and put other's emotional needs before yours all the time? Do you need inner healing to process your painful past in order to bring spiritual and emotional healing? Have you ever felt trapped by the trauma of your past?

START EXPECTING MORE BECAUSE MORE IS COMING! Let me help you come face to face with your hurt, shame, bitterness, rejection, and brokenness. My coaching style is versatile. I focus on all types of transitions and trauma in your life. No transition is considered too small or unimportant. I'm excited to be your life partner as you take this journey to turn your pieces into PEACE. -Coach Klear

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